Samsung’s folding phone set to land alongside its 5G handset

By James Rogerson 12 February 2019

If you’re a Samsung fan then February 20th could be a very busy day, because we’re expecting to see a lot from the company, including a folding phone, which it has now confirmed will launch then.

The confirmation came from a teaser video posted on Samsung’s YouTube channel, which shows folding text that reads “the future unfolds” followed by that date.

We already know that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S10 range on that date – and indeed the video also includes the number ‘10’, though rumours suggest that Samsung’s folding phone will be something completely new, rather than a version of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

But other than folds, what can we expect? Rumours point to a 7.3-inch screen, two 3,100mAh batteries, 12GB of RAM and potentially up to 1TB of storage. With all that tech we wouldn’t be surprised if the phone also supported 5G, but current rumours haven’t mentioned that.

First to 5G

Either way though we are expecting to see a 5G phone at the event. It’s likely to be a special version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and has been rumoured a number of times, complete with a 6.7-inch screen, a 5,000mAh battery, four rear cameras, two front-facing cameras and 12GB of RAM.

That could make it the first 5G phone to be announced, though others will be hot on its heels, with LG and Huawei for example both confirmed to be announcing 5G handsets on February 24th. And with MWC 2019 (the biggest mobile tradeshow of the year) happening at the end of February there might be other 5G handsets landing in the next few weeks too.

So February could be a big month for Samsung, 5G, foldable phones and phones in general. We hope you’re ready, and we hope you’ve been saving – early 5G and foldable handsets are sure to be expensive.

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