Huawei announces 5G consumer experience tour truck

27 June 2019

Tour bus

Huawei has revealed its Huawei truck, set to take a 5G consumer experience on tour around the country this summer.

The global telecommunications firm is keen to show off the benefits of high speed 5G connections and has opted to do this through a branded truck initiative. The vehicle houses several 'demo zones' with each dedicated to highlighting how 5G cloud-based services will transform the consumer experience.

These include:

  • The Cloud VR zone which showcases how VR and AR will move from niche interests to more mainstream services. That includes the benefits it can provide medicine, education, and design.
  • The Cloud Gaming zone will highlight how latency-free playing experiences will greatly enhance gaming experiences for anyone with a 5G connection.
  • The Cloud PC area looks at how computing of the future will work with fully operational cloud-based desktops that operate with their OS and data housed completely separately from the physical device, all thanks to everything being stored on the Cloud.

There's also room on the truck for a demonstration of 360 degree live streaming over a 5G network.

"We are entering a new era where large scale deployment of 5G technology in the UK is becoming real and we are happy to be able to deliver to consumers a glimpse of tomorrow… today," explained Jerry Wang, CEO of Huawei UK.

The 5G Experiential truck's first stop will be at the Great Exhibition Road Festival in South Kensington on the 29th and 30th June. The festival is a free three-day celebration of curiosity, discovery and exploration, so Huawei's 5G experience is an ideal fit.

After that, it will also visit the Goodwood Festival of Speed, taking place from the 4th July until 7th July in the grounds of Goodwood House, West Sussex.

Other tour stops will be announced shortly.

In all cases, it looks like a great way of showing people exactly how much 5G can revolutionise everyone's lives, and in many different ways. Huawei has been keen to show off the practical advantages of 5G in the past with a key white paper on the subject, as well as its 5G smart hotel plans.

We'll update once we know more about the tour's plans.

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