Three partners up with Cerillion customer management systems

By Jennifer Allen 25 September 2019

Three 5G

The future's looking even brighter for Three customers with the recent news that the firm's high speed 5G broadband launch in London is being powered by the Cerillion Enterprise BSS/OSS suite.

To the untrained eye, that may not sound particularly thrilling but it bodes well for Three customers looking for an easier quality of service. Cerillion is a provider of billing, charging, and customer management systems which should mean Three customers will benefit from a better customer service experience.

Central part

A central part of the 5G experience, there's Cerillion's Convergent Charging System and Self Service modules. The former is a 5G-ready online charging system while Self Service is an online portal that aims to streamline sales orders from customers, as well as provides high quality account management 24/7.

Given Three already boasts the option to order a 5G plug and play hub with same day delivery available to customers, it's clear that Three is keen to make switching to their 5G package as smooth sailing as possible.

In theory, this means long gone are the days of awkward phone calls to call centres with huge queues, and the feeling that the service just isn't working in your favour.

Behind the scenes, things should also be much improved explained Rosalind Singleton, Managing Director of UK Broadband (acquired by Three in 2017):

“Cerillion’s pre-integrated Enterprise BSS/OSS suite provides us with seamless integration across all back office systems and processes, meaning we can focus on our 5G rollout, with a robust and reliable platform to support our business.”

Reputedly, an average Three customer uses 3.5 times more mobile data than the industry average so it makes perfect sense that Three would be pushing forward with its 5G plans to ensure it maintains its customer base. The network also has the UK's leading 5G spectrum holdings with more than the rest of the industry combined.

For now, it seems like Three is a no-brainer of a choice if you're keen to jump on the 5G home broadband bandwagon. Our guide 5G home broadband tells you more about what the company provide.

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